He also agreed more needed to be done, but there will always be poverty in the province. Fassbender used the word "complex" frequently when explaining why food bank use in B.C. is rising. He says part of the reason is family structures breaking down, specifying divorce and senior isolation. He also said mental health challenges and rising costs for essentials are also part of it. "I don't think maintaining a welfare system is the ultimate answer," he said. "We have to make choices that we believe will keep our economy going.… Our strategy is to take concrete action to provide the tools so people can live happy and fulfilling lives." "I don't believe money is the only answer … We have to make choices that we believe will keep our economy going." Fassbender said he didn't see the need for a poverty reduction strategy in B.C. because there are provinces with them that still have poverty. He later walked back that comment, saying the government does have a strategy to reduce poverty, which is their jobs plan. Trish Garner of the B.C. Poverty Reduction Coalition, disagreed poverty is such a complex issue.

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