There's an app for that. You can sell quite a lot of things on eBay – but you can’t sell corn and soybean bushels. You can sell them on a website called FarmLead , however. The online grain marketplace, which was started in Canada in 2013, hopes to expand significantly in the U.S. this year. Southern Alberta farmer Hannah Konschuh says she has already made several transactions using FarmLead. “We’ve added it to our regular checklist as we check grain prices and update our marketing plan,” she says. “We use it to diversify our marketing plan by opening ourselves up to other buyers.” FarmLead CEO Brennan Turner, who grew up on a large family farm in Saskatchewan, says the website now serves about 4,000 farms across North America, with “tonnage traded” levels going up by about 200% or 300% every year. With the opening of a U.S. headquarters in Chicago, key staffing additions and an influx of $6.5 million in Series A funds led by Monsanto Growth Ventures, Turner hopes to get even more farmers on board. “Every farmers should have the opportunity to showcase their grain to as many potential buyers as possible,” he says.

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