In Canada the maximum amount of disability insurance benefit they can buy is $35,000 a month. “You can’t go to RBC and Manulife and buy [a policy] from each of them,” said Mr. Geller. “In Canada you cannot stack monthly disability benefits to get a larger amount than one company will sell.” For those earning $2-million or more annually, that would bring in a yearly income of only $420,000. “So when you get much-higher-income people, we start stacking Lloyd’s on top.” Wealthy people are not only concerned about themselves, he added. “They have people who contribute to their lifestyle, valued employees who they are worried about,” he explained. Whether it is a nanny or a personal assistant, he said, “because they are valuable to them, it is important that they be covered.” In fact, the first step for any Canadian, wealthy or not, thinking about disability coverage is to check their employer-provided group benefit package, advisers say. But group coverage may not cover everything an employee thinks it does, said Layne Choong, an adviser with Sun Life Financial based in Calgary. “I review any coverage that my clients have through their employer and look at possibly adding to it or putting other products in place in order to make sure that all risks are covered,” she said. Professionals can also buy insurance against loss of future earnings, said Mr.

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