It never hurts to ask. “I have been working for the same organization for 30 years but it wasn’t until recently that I knew that I could receive a $100 annual reimbursement for my gym membership,” Griffin said. Check over your benefits guide, and ask about any optional benefits. Chances are, you won’t get all your questions answered right away (or you won’t remember the answers). Find out who you can ask down the line. Salemi said the point person may be different depending on the question. A single HR rep or your supervisor may have all the answers at some companies, but bigger operations might direct certain questions to payroll or benefits or IT. Health benefits like medical and dental are subject to the federal COBRA law, which says you’ll pay no more than 102% of the cost of the plan for continuing coverage after you leave your job. Find out what happens to your other benefits. “Ask if the benefit coverage will stay the same and if the premium will adjust,” he said. If you’re not sure what else to ask, see what other people ask.

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