My Super funds offer life insurance on an 'opt out' basis - and the vast majority of people do not opt out. "It was done through the company I was working for. They organised it all. Me and the other workers that I worked with had nothing to do with it," said Ava Thorley about her situation. According to the corporate regulator, ASIC, 16 per cent of total and permanent disability insurance claims are knocked back - the highest rejection rate of any form of life insurance. One company, which ASIC will not name, rejected 37 per cent of claims - or more than one-in-three. The legislation covering insurance in super says trustees of super funds must act in the "best interests" of the beneficiaries of that insurance. But a 2014 letter from Queensland based LGIA Super, defending a claim from a casual worker it rejected, seems to sum up the industry's attitude. It said, "the trustees are not obligated to provide insured benefits to all members on the same basis".

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