“At the end of the day, the debate is about what are our values. What is the best way we should structure a system of insuring our public? When you talk with the Canadians, there are a number of problems with their health care system that, for a lot of people in Canada, reflects their values about being in a country that has a system that provides … for all of its citizens. For the most part, they are very much in favor of their health care system. In our country, we have a mix of public and private insurance. Half of our health care is paid through Medicare and Medicaid, which are publicly sponsored health care programs, and the other half is paid through private insurance. What you end up with here is a very mixed view of the values.” Supporters of universal health care in the U.S. don’t always understand the difference between a ‘single payer’ system and universal health coverage. Explains Polsky: “Universal coverage is [when] everyone has some health insurance. That would be my value; everyone is insured in some way.

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